The client is a French multinational professional service and a business consulting corporation which provides IT services and is one of the world's largest IT consulting, outsourcing and professional services company.

Business Challenge

Taking into consideration the extreme reach of business operations of the clients spreading onto more than 40 countries with numerous employees, there were huge financial transactions taking place in the company, including processes such as invoice processing, accounts payable processing etc. Amidst all the technological advancements, some of their account transactions were worked out manually using the hard paper invoices for the payments and some others conveniently outsourced all their financial processes. A large amount of repetitive and time-consuming account work demands a large number of resources working hard to complete the transactions without compromising on the accuracy and accountability of the process involved. The client was looking for ways to reduce all these delivery efforts through automation.

The Scope of Automation

KGiSL analysed the IT scenario and found the existing hardships in effortlessly completing the delivery process can be achieved only with the proper application of RPA. The RPA team of KGiSL strategically intervened to investigate the scope of implementing RPA in processing the financial transactions of the company and resolved the existing question of how far automation will benefit the organization. We thoroughly determined the possible areas where the immense scope of RPA can be extended and prepared an action plan in order to reap the maximum benefit from RPA implementation. We also introduced a suitable implementation journey closely following the company specifics. Some of the areas were:

  • Data cleaning
  • Order management
  • Payment processing
  • Compliance reporting automation
  • Claims handling
  • Underwriting in banking
  • Direct Debit
  • Automated marketing campaigns

Our analysis summed up that repetitive, standardized and transaction processes and activities can be carried out a lot faster and less costly way with an appropriate application of RPA in an effective manner with notable results.

Solution Provided

By closely monitoring the activities where RPA can be extended, with the scope of automation, we brought out the best possible results by skillfully reducing the operational time and cost without compromising on the quality of the process ruling out any possible error inducing scenarios.
KGiSL came up with futuristic RPA solutions without tampering the interfaces of the already implemented applications by remotely programming the applications. The activities that can be run in a batch mode without the need for human decisions became the best cases for RPA applications with a visible cost reduction up to 80%. The level of autonomy for robots was increased by effectively minimizing the requirement of human effort in the process of data input by subtly incorporating cognitive analytics and robotics. Activities that demand manual scripting had been transformed digitally to save costs as well as processing time. The RPA culture introduced by KGiSL transformed the business outlook of the company by reducing the delivery effort put into its financial processes.


  • Robots attributed to hard and continuous tasks
  • Redirected employees to carry out more value-added tasks
  • 1 robot replaces on average 4 FTEs
  • Robot costs are on average 50% - 90% lower than offshore / onshore employees
  • Development cycles are fast, providing ROI in 3-6 months
  • Transparency reduces risk of errors and secures consistency