Database Services

KGiSL provides a complete 24/7, 365 days database support for our customers. Our professionals are available round the clock to provide you database support and service through phone or remote, making sure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. Our experts are also involved in full time remote database monitoring of your critical data environment. Our dedicated team continuously monitors your database and rectifies minor faults then and there and also takes proactive measures to prevent any major issues about to hit your database.

Our Expert team comprises of highly qualified, trained and certified professionals with strong experience in handling all major database like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, etc. We provide a comprehensive database management solution in a very affordable cost along with a high level security for your data.

Apart from regular monitoring, we also do a periodic health check of your database to maintain stability and to avoid any potential issues and bottlenecking. In case of your database requires monitoring for a specific period of the day, you need not pay for the whole day? Our service is flexible where you only pay for the time you require the service for and any type of service you opt for will be delivered with complete quality and commitment.

We address the issues before they become problems by monitoring the systems continuously which includes:

  • Database Alert Logs and Traces
  • Storage Related & Schema Object Alerts
  • Database Audit Alerts
  • Resource Utilization
  • Alerts from Maintenance Jobs
  • Performance tuning

Our maintenance includes daily jobs to keep the database tuned. Being proactive reduces problems from occurring in the environment. When a problem does happen, our on-call availability reduces the downtime.