Data Migration Support

The present or the future business demands along with the technology improvements may anytime require transforming your legacy applications to a modern one. The most critical task during this transformation is migration of a database to any new technology. A well planned data migration is what can help overcome the risk, complexity, application downtime and cost overruns involved during the process.

Our team has proven records and best practices in handling complex and critical data migration issues across a wide range of platforms. We don’t consider data migration as a process of just moving the enterprise data, but an opportunity to evaluate and improve the data quality that can drastically increase the performance of the new database. Our specialists invest their expertise to deliver a successful migration within a minimum possible time period. We have our own specially designed and automated tools to support the migration process that improves the quality of work and reduce errors during the process.

Typical Benefits

  • Supporting all major database platforms and operating systems
  • Automated migration process with complete accuracy
  • Much faster migration process with reduced time spent for data Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)
  • Cost effective and error free project delivery
  • Proven methodology and best practices
  • Higher productivity with enhanced performance
  • Extended application life