Custom Application Development

At times, software available in the market does not fulfill the exact needs of an enterprise. Many enterprises look out for a solution that is designed from scratch just to address their requirements. Only a customized application can perfectly suit some business requirements. KGiSL has a good history of providing Custom Application Development (CAD) services to its clients, where its network of business and technical consultants have combined with clients to extract and anticipate the exact needs and develop solutions to meet such needs.

KGiSL follows a matured engineering and delivery approach which is phased out as Strategize – Analyze – Design – Develop – Deploy, using expert consultants to work closely with clients to build packaged applications/components with agility to provide optimal benefits.

The KGiSL edge

  • Usage of domain expertise.
  • Globally standardized approach.
  • Usage of supportable technology framework.
  • Extensible to integrate and expand into existing application landscape.
  • Adapt to changes.
  • Reliable and responsive.
  • Meet business-driven SLAs.
  • Cost effective implementation and maintenance plan.